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Frequently asked questions by our customers

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  • Processes after the purchase of payments among others.
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How can I hire the service?
  • You can hire some of our services in two ways:

    The first way is through our website, selecting one of our services and giving the buy button, this will take you to our online store ( in which you will be asked if the service you want to hire, you want to register a new domain, or if you have a domain and you want to transfer it with us, or if you will use your own domain and only acquire the selected package, this in order to give you a more complete service. You can also download a purchase guide (Download purchase guide) what we have done for you, for your comfort, this easy and in a few steps.

    The second way is to get in touch with us, which we have thought of 3 alternatives so you can choose the one you like most, you can go to our section contact and send us a form with your purchase inquiry and one of our sales advisors will help you with your purchase process, or you can also contact us through our online chat that is located on the right side of the website, or you can call us the call button located in the menu and one of our agents will gladly assist you and guide you in your purchase process.

What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Discover / Novus, Dankort / Visa, Postepay (Visa), PayPal, PayNearMe, among others, you can also contact us for more questions about the payment methods of your country.

What happens after I make the purchase on the website, where I see what I bought?
  • Once the payment is processed, the system will give you your invoice, and then redirect you to the client area ,where you will have access to your services. Bilaterally, they will receive an email with the access link to your web hosting or VPS, and their credentials. If you have purchased a development or maintenance service, we will receive an email and one of our agents will follow up, and you will also receive an email with the confirmation of the purchase made.

Is there a contract of permanence, additional charges in the plans or "hidden letters"?
  • No. All our services do not have an additional charge (excluding that you want to add something additional to the plan, such as a domain), or charges for cancellation of the service or any other type of clause or small print, our passion is to know that if you're with us, it's because you want to be :).

Are the charges automatic, manual or how do they work?
  • Yes, only the first payment must be made manually, since it is the plan that you will choose, later the service payments will be automatically charged by our system, so you do not have to go through the process again.

Why should I work with you to maintain my site?
  • We take care of everything, if you need continuous editions of the website, performance improvements, additional security or any kind of regular maintenance, we will help you as your technical reference partner.

    In addition to providing multiple types of support and helps you save money and time, so one of our thoughts is that, if you win, we also.

What happens if I sign a wordpress maintenance plan and have several websites?
  • In fact, a very good question, our maintenance plans, whichever plan you choose, cover only one domain (,, among others), that is, if you have more than one website you will need more than one maintenance plan, we suggest you can analyze what plan you think is best suited to your site and you can choose the plan that suits you.

What happens if I hack a website? Do they support it?
  • Yes, we can help you with this, but for that you need to have the Enterprise WP Plan, in case our support agents will help you with it as soon as possible.

    If you do not have the plan, we can also help you, for this we ask you to contact us through our website and one of our agents will quote you the support for it.

What is the process to take a maintenance plan that I must do if I acquire one?
  • First you must select one of our maintenance plans in wordpress, follow the purchase process and at the end you will be sent an email where you can find the invoice, at the same time we will receive the data that you have chosen one of our maintenance plans and then one of our agents will contact you, so you can provide the credentials of your panel in wordpress safely and schedule days and / or maintenance dates so that you are aware of them, because our goal is to have a relationship of trust with our customers.

Do I need an online store as I contact you?
  • You can do it in two ways, you can choose one of our store plans on our site, follow the purchase process and at the end you will be sent a proof of purchase mail, at the same time we will receive a notification that you have purchased a store package online and we will contact you to schedule and start collecting details your vision idea and can turn it into your online store to suit you.

    The second option is to contact one of our consultants, through online chat, call or a contact form and we will gladly help you choose the plan that suits you, where in the same way some of our agents will contact you to let's start this project.

What is web hosting?
  • The Web hosting service is the lease of a space on the hard disk of a server and another series of features, directly connected to the Internet network to host your website and your email accounts. This allows you to keep your site online by offering services all the time.

    In cronossupport we know that your time is important and therefore we have a team of specialists who will be supporting you so that you are always online, without having to worry about it, and so you can concentrate on producing more.

What does bandwidth mean? Is it the speed of the site?
  • The bandwidth is the total amount of data that we can transmit from our web hosting (depending on the hosting plan you have chosen).

    For this, if the site will have enough traffic it will be necessary to have a more advanced web hosting, for this we encourage you to see our web hosting plans ( Web Hosting ) or that you communicate with us to be able to advise you and so you can choose the plan you need.

How long will it take to activate the service after the purchase?
  • It is immediately, after you make the purchase process, we will send you your purchase invoice and all the necessary information with instructions and access credentials so you can manage your account.

Is there a reminder for the expiration of my web hosting service?
  • Yes, when the expiration date of your service approaches, you will be sent an email notifying you of the expiration date so you can do the renewal of your service, in case you forget to renew you will have 3 days to renew and reactivate the service without any additional charge, if you do not wish to reactivate this service, it will be deactivated and it will be eliminated after 15 days of the expiration date, remember to make the relevant backup copies.

How can I migrate to a VPS?
  • In cronossupport we help you in everything you need to carry out a migration, free of charge and of quality, whether you come from a third-party provider or if you use any of our hosting plans

What is VPS hosting?
  • It is a style of hosting that imitates a dedicated server, but uses a shared hardware environment, reducing costs so you do not have to invest in a dedicated server, so you can acquire what you need more accurately and drastically reducing costs .

What are the benefits of a VPS?
  • You can fully customize your VPS to your liking and gives you more control over your hosting environment.

    A VPS is also more secure than shared hosting environments, since you will be the only one that will use the resources of the server, besides reducing costs in a big way, since you do not need to pay a dedicated server for your operation, but you choose what that you will use at much more affordable costs.

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