SSD Personal Hosting
$ 75.00 /year
Acquire it now
  • 10GB of disk - SSD
  • 50GB of Bandwidth
  • 5 Mail accounts
  • 1 domain
  • 1 database MySQL
  • CentOS Web Panel
  • Free SSL certificate
SSD Professional Hosting
$ 120.00 /year
Acquire it now
  • 15GB of disk - SSD
  • 250G of Bandwidth
  • 15 Mail accounts
  • 3 domain
  • 3 database MySQL
  • CentOS Web Panel
  • Free SSL certificate
Hosting Companies SSD
$ 180.00 /year
Acquire it now
  • 25GB of disk - SSD
  • 500GB of Bandwidth
  • 25 Mail accounts
  • 5 domain
  • 5 database MySQL
  • CentOS Web Panel
  • Free SSL certificate

¿Why choose Cronos Support?

We offer excellent offers for your needs, from servers and hosting, to web development.

Free cPanel

CentOS Web Panel - designed for fast and easy administration of servers (Dedicated and VPS) without the task and effort of using the SSH console.

Advanced Technical Support

Technical support about doubts and problems you may have with our services

Easy 1-click deployment

If your thing is to perform tasks as simple as possible, our services are for you, easy, safe and fast!

Fast Websites

Your site loads slow? or is it uncomfortable for your customers ?, you should consider a web service in the cloud. Cloud servers can help your site load faster by using high-performance servers, very fast processors and high-quality solid state disk (SSD) storage.

Lets Encrypt SSL

Your site must be protected at all times, so it is very important to install a security certificate, our system is integrated with Lets Encrypt to provide you with an accessible certificate and thus secure your site.

cPanel migration tool

Migrate from your cPanel account to CWP with very few clicks within the CWP management interface and you will be ready to enjoy its incredible modern control panel. The CWP Migration Wizard restores all your MySQL databases, MySQL users and all the files on your website from the public_html folder.


Technical specifications

We have the best technology at your fingertips.

Web server PLUS
Mail server
Web Security
PHP 7.2.8 Postfix & Dovecot CSF Firewall, CageFS
Mod Security & OWASP rules MailBoxes, Alias-Forwarder Mod Security + OWASP rules
CentOS 7 & CentOS Web Panel Roundcube webmail File System Lock Mod
Apache 2.4 Postfix Mail queue Anti-DDOS protection
php.ini per user account AutoResponders,SPF-DKIM 72 hour rotary backup
MariaDB 10.1 AntiSpam & AntiVirus Internet redundancy
Lets Encrypt SSL OneClick Rebuild Postfix Discos SSD - RAID 1r
CronosSupport! CronosSupport! CronosSupport!

Frequently asked questions about Cloud Hosting

If you have any questions you can see our section of frequently asked questions or contact us, we will be happy to help you

What is Cloud Hosting?
  • It is a web hosting platform for virtual servers that take their computing resources from extensive underlying networks formed by physical web servers.

Is email included in Web Hosting?
  • Yes, all of our plans include email accounts depending on the tier and disk space you purchase.

Is it possible to update / increase my Web Hosting plan?
  • Yes, you can increase the plan that best suits you.

Why should I migrate my project with you?
  • If you have noticed that your website is very slow, you have recently been hacked, your website is under attack and you need support urgently but your hosting provider does not provide the technical support you need, we can help you, we are more than a hosting, We are the solution that you need for your web needs.

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